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"Continuing to Build a Brighter Future, for all of our Residents, Businesses, Employees and Visitors" 


Residents, Businesses, Employees and Visitors of the City of Sunrise,

Our Mayor and Commissioners for the City of Sunrise established strategic goals for the city in 2011.  I support these goals and I believe they are the foundation to a better Sunrise.  If re-elected, I pledge to support these initiatives listed below so that we can continue to build a brighter future for all of our residents.


Very truly yours,


Neil C. Kerch  





Protect Our Community

Improve Public Safety - Ensuring that the police and fire departments continue to be responsive to the needs of the community by providing them the necessary resources and staff.

Improve Environmental Sustainability and Water Conservation - Focus on programs and initiatives that support environmental / conservational issues. Begin working with schools on promoting environmental / conservation events and programs.

Improve government responsiveness and efficiency - Ensuring government accountability and fiscal responsibility to maintain service levels.

Maintain Service Levels - Ensure that staffing levels are adequate and resources remain stable



Serve Our Community

Minimize Tax Burden - expand the tax base and minimize vacancy rates. Develop succession plans for the city departments and functions.  Critically analyze internal work processes to minimize tax burden.

Support our Schools - Ensure that our schools are safe.  Identify and enhance outreach initiatives. Advocate for magnet school programs.  Promote volunteering in the schools. Facilitate a network of business resources to help students and teachers in Sunrise Schools. 

Address new demographics - identify the unique cultural aspects of new demographics.  Continue to assess demographic changes and their impact on the community and the government.



Grow Our Community

Promote Economic Growth - seeking development that will create jobs. Revise the city's economic development plan.  Develop small business programs to promote economic growth. Engage business owners in the process of stimulating job growth.

Vitalize and Revitalize Neighborhoods - Utilize community enhancements to improve visual aspects of neighborhoods. Engage homeowner associations, condo associations, and business community in revitalization efforts.  Encourage public/private collaborations to address problem areas in the community.



Live Our Community

Expand cultural arts and opportunities for our community - Create a means to offer new/fresh cultural events.  Make certain cultural events are marketed to the community. Continue to investigate what events are appealing to the residents.

Improve Public Facilities - continue to invest and maintain existing facilities and parks.








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